Svensson & Lundmark:


Fabian Svensson Lundmark is a multifaceted designer and artist with a particular interest in human behaviour, traditions and how we relate to the artefacts that surround us.

In his practice he observes and reflects on society and the practices of everyday life. Cultural phenomena and human behaviour are combined with artistic methods and craftsmanship. Design is used as a framework where artistic and analytical perspectives are combined.

The result is often direct and humorous, with further layers and themes soon becoming apparent. A specific theme or the direct surroundings often act as a boundary and influence the creative process.

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Fabian Svensson Lundmark
Phone: +46(0) 722 325242



DK Langdel 10, 6440, Augustenborg
SWE Banmästargården 4, 245 63, Hjärup